About B

Bilingual baby momma (started with two under two – now 3 under 5). Big sister to three sisters. Boob fanatic. Bavarde.  Bold. Blunt. Learning how to blog and generally doing stuff starting with the letter “B”.  However it can be quite limiting…. I’m also a lawyer at the LEGO Group and a lover of things “art”, family and thinking outside of the box.

Although it has not been biologically or legally established, I’m fairly sure I’m related to Millicent Fawcett. Feminist, intellectual (clearly)… the similarities are endless.  It would be nice to say I’m also related to Farrah Fawcett; she had awesome hair and was an Angel.  In reality the only cool people I’m actually related to are my sisters: Emily (Momma of my favourite niece and nephew and Licensing queen extraordinaire), Lucy (drummer in her band Matthew and Me, now Pale Blue Eyes – check them out) and Jessica (sporty bean who has far more lexical skills than her big sister and is casually doing the Tour de France this summer).   My parents are also rather legendary (kudos to anyone that can happily raise 4 gals and maintain some semblance of sanity) – you will read more about them all in the blog.

I would like to make the world a better place but it is unlikely I will succeed, so I intend to waffle on about stuff and hope that someone better placed will crack on and do it in my honour. I would also like to share any tiny sprouts of wisdom I may have acquired or learnt on this parenting journey, and if it makes a single person smile, then it’s been worth it.

As I said I am learning to blog, so bear with me as I discover my blog-dentity.  Joyously I have got a gig blogging for And So To Baby – – -> check it out!

If you prefer pictures you can follow me and the FFs on Instagram @be_my_bebe

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