B – intro


Welcome to my very first post.  Allow me to give you a little context to this blog, before I launch in (mostly this is for my benefit so I can focus my ramblings).

Why now?

I’ve been meaning to start a blog for yonks. I like writing. I love words.

I used to keep a diary, back in the day. It was a great way to vent all the emotions and (mostly soppy) feelings I experienced growing up, without actually having to say anything out loud and bore/shock any one person.

When I grew up I discovered alcohol, which – let’s be honest – facilitates openly venting your woes and conveniently eliminates any feelings of guilt or embarrassment. You just have a rant, ideally to a fellow drinker, and then forget about it. Au revoir diary entries and hello cringey hangovers.

I also found Mr FF. You know, that one special person you will annoy for the rest of your life. The person you know you can trust to listen to (or at least feign interest in) the doom and douleur of daily life. And he’s not alone in my world of special people. I’ve also been blessed with the perfect parentals, and three utterly amazing sisters. Then there’s an array of truly legendary friends dotted around my world and across timezones. All these people lend me their ears and shoulders.  Anytime. So a diary really is redundant. And who has time to write when you could be drinking, travelling and generally cavorting around anyway?? Exactly.

Having a baby has changed everything.

Bit of a shock to the system. No more cavorting. No more drinking (ish). Travelling is a moot point.  Certainly not with ease. Or a hangover. Mr FF and “the Specials” have their own daily doom to deal with.

We have reached the age where most people are in a similar boat. There may be a real correlation between drinking and diaries; somewhere to vent thoughts is once again required. The insane, extreme emotions and angst, trials and tribulations I face as a new parent need to be expelled… without boring any one person and without having eye contact.

So here we go with my blog-diary-thing. Ok it doesn’t have the fluffy pink cover I’m accustomed to… but I can add pictures! I love pictures! And I can embolden and italicise to my heart’s content!

I’m grateful that newfangled technology allows me to write wherever I may be. In this instance, in my Pjs with a snoozing Baby FF next door.

Technology also allows me to share. Without embarrassment, for it shall be you that chooses to read on. On your head be it.

If you’re simply curious, contemplating a family for yourself or you are already a compatriot in the journey of parenthood, I hope this brings a smile. I also hope it doesn’t feel like a waste of your precious reading time. I know, more than ever, having eyes open and brain accepting of information is a rare and beautiful thing as a new parent.

This blog is going to be mostly me chatting about babies, baby stuff and being a parent, but I may also find occasion to talk feminism and careers. I will try to give any useful tips where I can, although as Mr FF just pointed out, I would do well to follow some of my own (mostly cost-saving) advice …




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